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Our goal is to bridge the gap between the large-scale vacation rental managers and the mom-and-pop hosts. When you are a large-scale vacation rental manager, you become a number. Your guests struggle to get ahold of dedicated people when they have issues and you, as a homeowner, struggle to be noticed and know your home is being looked after. On the other end, your smaller managers lack the dynamic software, processes, team, insurance protection of a larger manager. They have the touch, but not the guts of what you truly need to secure your home and create a safe rental experience. Now enter BMH, the bridge between the two. We specialize in the Roaring Fork Valley, spanning from Glenwood Springs to Redstone to Aspen. The Roaring Fork Valley is where we are and what we care about, so it's our only focus. We know it inside and out and are focused on a fantastic hosting experience in this valley! 

With BMH you get all the benefits of a smaller, more hands-on manager, with all the perks of dynamic pricing and multi-channel software management. We think it's the perfect marriage between tech and hospitality, to put it boldly. We offer a more personal touch with a local team dedicated to one thing: helping guests make memories at your home while keeping your home safe and secure. 



Do you have a dedicated additional dwelling unit (ADU) with a separate entrance, freestanding unit, or home you don't live in on a full-time basis? Does it have a beautiful setting or view, perfect proximity to restaurant and bars, river front access, or something else unique about it? Then yes! Give us a call or email us and we'd be happy to take a look and assess your property to see if it has potential to be a vacation rental. 

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