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Q & A (because we know these things are complicated)

How do I sign up with Boutique Mountain Homes and is this a forever marriage?

We will start by taking a look at your space and offering recommendations based on its current status. If it's all ready to go, we will professionally photograph your home at no cost to you and get it listed within a week or two! This isn't a forever marriage if you don't want it to be. Marketing a vacation rental takes time so we ask that you give us at least 12 months to get your space ramped up and popular! You will need to sign a contract for our services and, if you'd like to cancel our services, simply let us know in writing and we will take it off the market on our sites within 30 days. We do ask that you honor the dates that have been booked in advance. 

Where do Boutique Mountain Homes offer management services? 

We specialize in the Roaring Fork Valley from Glenwood Springs to Aspen.

Can I use my home personally?

You sure can! If you'd like to use your home occasionally that is completely acceptable, however we do reserve the right to cancel our agreement if it is used too often. A successful vacation rental home rests on its ability to be rented regularly so we only take on spaces that are primarily used for rental purposes. 

Where are you listing my home? 

We are listing your home on Airbnb and the HomeAway sites (VRBO,, etc.) and  directly on the BMH website. 

How much are you going to charge per night for my space? 

We will do some preliminary research to come up with a base price for your home based on what is on the market and the amenities your space has. From there we will fine tune it once it is up and running and guest feedback starts coming in. 

How are you going to pay me?

We will send your income (minus expenses accrued during the month) electronically directly to your bank account by the 15th of the following month. 

My home isn't ready to be a vacation rental - how do I get it up to par? 

No problem! We have a talented designer that can come consult with you on how to make your space the perfect vacation rental. She'll work with your budget and knows exactly what is needed for a comfortable stay. 

What happens if someone damages my space? 

We collect a damage deposit from each guest that books your space. If something is damaged we will file a claim to have it replaced. This service is included in our management.  

What does Boutique Mountain Homes do and what do they not do? 

BMH takes care of all guest communication, check-in, check-out, cleaning, and making sure your space has guest supplies. We also remit taxes on your behalf. We don't obtain licensing for your vacation rental or provide property management services (trash collection, gardening, hot tub maintenance). We have a robust list of people talented at these things though and are happy to provide it to you! When something goes wrong during a guests stay we are happy to dispatch the appropriate people to fix it at a $25 service charge. 

How far in advance is my home booked? 

Our standard is nine months in advance and are happy to tailor this if you'd like to offer it for longer or shorter periods. Please note that once the space is booked, you cannot cancel a booking.  

Do I need special insurance for my home? 

We recommend you speak to your homeowners insurance provider to make sure you have the proper insurance policy while there are renters in your home. 

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