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Our team is the backbone of this company. Each individual that comprises the BMH foundation embodies empathy, compassion, a deep understanding of the business, and the operational expertise that goes into hosting a guest at a vacation rental. For a deeper look into BMH and what you are supporting by hiring us to manage your space or renting from us, read our feature article in Roaring Fork Lifestyle Magazine

Brittany - Founder & CEO

For as long as I can remember, I've had a knack for hospitality and creating lasting experiences. When I started my own Airbnb in the mother-in-law suite of our home in Carbondale, I never dreamed it would become one of the top listings in the area. I've hosted hundreds of people and learned the art of getting a space booked with the right guests at the right price. Through carefully honing in on location, amenities, quality communications, and personal touches, we can help make your home a home away from home for travelers near and far.

My name is Brittany and I treat your home as if it was my own. That's why I started this company: I love unique spaces, traveling, and feeling as though I'm right at home while I'm away. I've traveled all over the world using vacation rentals and pick up something new from each space I enter. Through these experiences, I've come to realize that a space can make or break a vacation. That's powerful - which is why managing these spaces needs attention and thoughtfulness. My goal is to show guests the beauty of The Roaring Fork Valley through the spaces I manage. From a rustic cabin next to the Crystal River to a luxury mountaintop oasis, I have the skills to show guests the magic of a beautiful space to match the beautiful valley we call home.




Born and raised in Colorado, I've always been drawn to the mountains, the lifestyle it provides and the people it attracts. Since Brittany and I first stumbled upon being Airbnb hosts, I've found the people that the Roaring Fork Valley attracts are unique, interesting in so many ways, but also bonded by the environment and experience it offers to all. 

Prior to coming on board at Boutique Mountain Homes, I spent a decade in digital marketing and advertising where I blended together strategy and data to drive better business outcomes for brands in the outdoor industry. Watching from the sidelines over the last few years, I've witnessed Boutique Mountain Homes become the leading provider of unique vacation rentals in the Roaring Fork Valley and am stoked to be a part of the growth and value we provide those who travel to our backyard. 





I'm a Colorado native, born and raised amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Rocky Mountains. My heart belongs to this incredible state and for the past five years, the Roaring Fork Valley, where I developed a deep appreciation for the tourism this valley brings in.


Travel and design are my twin passions. Exploring new horizons and cultures has always fueled my sense of adventure. Whether it's wandering through the cobblestone streets of Stockholm, savoring churros in the heart of Barcelona, or camping under the stars in the Rockies, I find inspiration in every corner of the world. 

My professional journey led me to Copenhagen, where I had the privilege of working in a museum. There, I immersed myself in the captivating worlds of art and Viking history, fostering a profound love for storytelling through design.

When I'm not taking care of homes or immersed in creative projects, you'll often find me hiking Colorado's rugged trails, volunteering at an equine therapy center, baking goodies for the rest of the staff, or sweating it out in yoga.

I'm constantly seeking opportunities to improve both guest and homeowner experiences through design and my 15 + years of experience in hospitality. My goal is to not only make those visiting our beautiful valley have an amazing renting experience but also take the best care of the homes as possible for the homeowners.



Emily - Lead CEA

Born and raised in the heart of Texas, I've called the Roaring Fork Valley home since 2012. With a strong educational background in International Business and Economics, I've blended my passion for hospitality, sales, and team management into a rewarding career. I currently reside as a proud homeowner nestled between Carbondale and Glenwood Springs, relishing all the responsibilities and joys of homeownership.

In my free time, I'm an enthusiastic explorer of the great outdoors. Whether it's embarking on road trips to discover new landscapes, camping under the starry skies, gracefully navigating the waters with stand-up paddleboarding, conquering hiking trails, or crafting delicious culinary creations in the kitchen, I relish the opportunity to embrace life's adventures.

With a blend of business acumen and a zest for life's diverse experiences, I'm committed to bringing my unique perspective to my work, and I'm eager to continue contributing to the success of our team.


Like most in the state, I grew up elsewhere. I hail from the east coast, splitting time between Boston and Raleigh, then came to Colorado in search of adventure. Boy did I find it! When not assisting our amazing guests, you can find me diving into one of my way-too-many passions such as performing acoustic folk music, sailing, hiking, camping, cycling, skiing and lots of traveling. I also restore vintage cars and motorcycles to cruise the amazing backroad canyons across the State.


After exploring Colorado for the last eight years, my favorite place has become the Roaring Fork Valley. As a lover of getting outside to stay active and experience all nature has to offer in the area, it keeps me in wonder. I love sharing that excitement with everyone we get to host, and I hope to have the pleasure of being a part of your travels!



I am originally from Transylvania, Romania - but I promise I’m not a vampire. I have been calling Colorado “home” for the past 15 years. I speak Spanish, German, Romanian, French and some Italian - all of which have come in handy in the cultural melting pot that is the Roaring Fork Valley.


I am a traveler at heart and have visited 39 states and many countries. My journey led me to Vail and Aspen, where I have gained valuable firsthand experience and developed a profound understanding of the benefits and challenges of high altitude mountain life.


I have an extensive background in hospitality and am an active Realtor. This unique blend of expertise makes me an ideal guide for newcomers to the area, allowing me to navigate the nuances of the region and provide valuable insights to those discovering our beautiful valley for the first time.

My goal is to curate the ideal RFV experience for our guests and to support homeowners on the adventure that is opening up their sanctuaries to travelers. I strive to harmonize the unique demands of our mountain paradise with the desire for a comfortable and elegant stay.


In my free time, you’ll always find me in nature - hiking, snowboarding, spending time with my dogs, camping and stargazing - because everything is better in the mountains. 

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